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Video Library

Welcome to Armand Baltazar’s video library! He shares cool videos that show his process in the creation of Timeless, and provides guidance to those interested in creating strategically.


Develop Your Story with a Professional mentor

Armand has the experience of creating for multiple studios, sorting workflow can be a task all in itself. If you take note from Armand, just in strategy, you’ll be clear in your mind and excited to focus the steps to build on your story. In addition to that vital factor in creating, there are multiple aspects that arrive as your are in development. Armand’s contribution to the film industry has made worlds of difference, engineering prehistoric devices to turn dinosaurs into farming professionals, of their time.

Armand’s Turorial Videos

Brainstorming sessions are
likely , are you ready?

Armand’s TIMELESS Videos

Watch as Armand Baltazar creates Timeless! Get a tour of the studio, concept art,
and enjoy the time lapse videos as the worlds come to life!

Street Cycle Limited Edition Prints

Timeless 2 teasers

BBC Global Video Unit hexacopter drone (drone; video camera)

Armand in the Media

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